Day 1 through the Eyes of Volunteer

ToP from right

I arrived at The WCIA and after a brief health and safety induction, I learnt about what the WCIA does.  One of the most interesting parts was researching the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), this was something that I hadn’t heard of before, yet with the war in Syria it seems to be one of the most important agreements of the UN, the work that the WCIA does with schools to promote the R2P is vital and I would like to see my school getting more involved with this and raising more awareness of the R2P.

I also researched nuclear disarmament, after looking at the survey I was happy to see how many people disagreed with the government spending £100 billion on nuclear weapons; I hope that the government takes this into account when they next consider spending £100 billion on nuclear weapons.

I have been reading people’s blogs, looking at other people’s perspectives and exploring new topics which I wouldn’t have thought about, had it not been for the UNA Wales blog was really interesting.  In addition, I have tweeted and posted on Facebook through the UNA Wales accounts.  So far l have enjoyed myself and I hope to continue to do so!

Carys Morgan