Day 2 through the Eyes of a Volunteer


This morning I attended a meeting which was about the WCIA, in the meeting we discussed the best way to explain what the WCIA is, this is harder than it looks.  The WCIA does so much,  it is difficult to condense everything, in the end we came up with the sentence “The WCIA is a charity that enables people to get involved in world issues that affect us all”.  It would have been possible to expand on this and write a whole paragraph but this sentence is a good summary of the WCIA.  I enjoyed this task, it was interesting to learn about my host’s opinions of how they felt the WCIA should be described and promoted.

After the meeting I started to research different Welsh universities’ Fresher’s Weeks, the WCIA is thinking about setting up a stall at universities fresher’s weeks to help encourage people to get involved in the WCIA.

Later, I started to think about the Peace Trail which is happening in November, this will form part of Peace75.  Peace75 is a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Temple of Peace and Health.  While researching the Peace Trail I tried to think of people and places which have had an impact on Wales and the state of peace.  I started to look at philosophers because I think that throughout history philosophy has played an important part in forming people’s concepts of peace, additionally CEWC do some philosophy for children.  I thought about buildings like the Senedd, the Welsh Assembly Government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, so I thought this could also form a part of the Peace Trail.

Finally, happy birthday to Bex!

Carys Morgan