Day 3 through the Eyes of a Volunteer

imagesI started the day by researching the Peace trail, I thought about the politics of peace and how important it is that we have a good knowledge of everyone’s story when we are trying to create or reach peace. For this reason I thought that the political correspondent Jeremy Bowen would be good to include on the Peace Trail.  Jeremy Bowen has worked in numerous locations including; Kosovo, El Salvador and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Without people willing to report these situations we may become unaware of the problems and therefore become unable to help, political correspondents can raise awareness of the right to protect, gender equality and nuclear disarmament, without these correspondents we may struggle to reach peace globally.

My work today has been centred around CEWC, in the morning Chris informed me on what CEWC do, I feel that what they do is very important, it is important that young people learn to think critically, discuss and reflect on global issues.  I was especially impressed by the Model United Nations Conference which I think will benefit young people a lot.  As part of the Model UN conference CEWC work with Oxfam.  Today I attended a meeting at Oxfam discussing the way forward for next year’s conference, I really enjoyed  listening to the type of problems and solutions that CEWC and Oxfam came up with.  I think that the Model United Nations Conference sounds really fun and also beneficial to young people; I hope it is something that more schools choose to get involved with.  The Model UN conference enabled young people to learn about how it is difficult but possible to resolve global issues and I think this is really important.

Finally, I started to print of the debating certificates for Wales School Debating Championships that CEWC run.  The debating that CEWC runs helps young people to become more confident and improve their public speaking.


Carys Morgan