Day 5 through the Eyes of a Volunteer

Love Syria child heart

Today is my last day volunteering at the WCIA. Yesterday I helped with the Syria: An Internal and International Catastrophe event, this was one of my favourite parts of the week.  I thought that all three speakers were really inspiring. It is easy to forget what is happening in Syria when the news is focussed on other stories.  Syria is not always the main headline in the news but I think it should be.  If it were the main headline then this could create a sense urgency amongst people and raise awareness, this could then help to put an end to the conflict sooner.   At the event we viewed some videos on the conflict in Syria, some of the situations in Syria were appalling, I feel that governments around the world should do more to help end the war, putting politics aside and working for the aim of peace.

At the event I fundraised, everybody was really generous and it is good to know that the money will be going to Oxfam and the Welsh Solidarity for Syria (WSS) who both do crucial work in Syria and the surrounding countries, helping the refugees.   I think that donating art supplies to refugees is a great idea, it helps them to express their feeling about the war and other difficulties, in a way that words can’t.  One of the speakers Louise mentioned the mantra they said while at the refugee camp, “If you have hope, you can cope” these words are incredibly true, the refugees are living in poor conditions, yet they believe that the war will end and they will be able to return to their homes.  Perhaps, if the western media was more positive and showed us that this conflict could be stopped then people would take action and try to help to end the conflict.

I am really impressed by the work that the charities are doing.  These organisations are so important for Syrians.  For example WWS took thirteen ambulances to Syria, giving aid to Syrians and Oxfam have managed to convince the UK government to not give arms to the rebel forces, this would only cause more deaths and could lead to the danger of an arms race.

Today I made a Prezzi (that I found to be quite addictive) on the event, it should be uploaded to the website soon, so if you missed the event you can explore all the main points on the WCIA’s website!

Finally, I would like to say thank you to everybody at the WCIA for having me for the week, I have really enjoyed my time here, thank you!


Carys Morgan