Where do you draw line between terrorists and dictators?

by Wario Denebo

Saturday the 12th of March 2016 was a bright day with relatively mild temperatures inEhtiopia blog South Wales. In the evening, it looked as though many people were upset while others (probably few) were overjoyed following the Six Nations Match- particularly England Versus Wales. For those at the Oromo community meeting in Cardiff, however, the mood was entirely different. Every one of us was hit hard in the stomach with the brutality of the Ethiopian regime back home. Every one of us was mourning deaths of close friends or family members killed by the Ethiopian soldiers at peaceful demonstrations in Oromia. Unfortunately, the atrocities have continued and the regime has continued to enjoy the supports from the West including the UK and the USA.

Almost all of us have only been in Wales for less than three years and ever since leaving home we have received regular accounts of killings, arbitrary arrests, deliberate starvation and inhumane or degrading treatments of innocent people at the hands of the Ethiopian government authorities in Oromia, as reported by Human Rights Organisations such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch.

The situation has gotten worse recently as government soldiers have been firing live ammunitions at peaceful demonstrators demanding respect for basic human rights. Despite this, Ethiopia has remained one of arguably the largest aid recipients from the UK. It was against this background that members of the Oromo community in Wales held a meeting in Cardiff on 12/03/2016 to reaffirm our commitments to continue to stand against genocide and all other forms of human rights violations that the terrorist Ethiopian regime has perpetrated against the Oromo people. While we are grateful to the British and all other nations in Europe that have given sanctuary to thousands of Oromo people who have fled from persecution in Oromia, we are dejected by the continued atrocities committed against our people. We all feel deeply affected by the violation of basic human rights taking place in Oromia, our country, and would like to appeal to the British government and its EU counterparts to stop giving technical and financial supports to the Ethiopian terrorist regime that has murdered several thousand of Oromo children, youth, parents and grandparents in attempt to silence public demands for fundamental right, freedom and justice since 1991.


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