Grave of Belgian Refugee mother in Laugharne


Converted_file_2eecd49aBuried at St Martin’s Church in Laugharne is a Belgian refugee mother, Leonie de Moulin. Her grave is marked by a wooden cross (the horizontal cross currently missing) & name plaque right adjacent to the church door. This is a hidden history yet to be fully uncovered and the local contact for further information is Janet Bradshaw. In the same graveyard is the grave of Dylan Thomas and his wife Caitlin.

Bedd mam Ffoadur Belgaidd yn Nhalacharn 

Ym mynwent eglwys St Martin, Talachre, gwelir ger drws yr eglwys bedd Ffoadur o Wlad Belg, Leonie de Moulin. Mae croes bren yn nodi ei bedd (bellach mae’r pren ar draws ar goll) a phlac yn rhoi’r enw gan nodi ei bod yn fam. Mae yma hanes gudd sydd eto i’w dadorchuddio a’r cyswllt lleol yw Janet Bradshaw. Yn yr un fynwent ceir bedd Dylan Thomas a’i wraig Caitlin.


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