Milford Haven memorial by Belgian Refugees



An imposing memorial in thanks to the people of Milford Haven from the Belgian refugees. There are many associated hidden histories to be uncovered here including those of the welcome afforded in the name of the town by the Mayor, William Causey Whittow (later made honorary Burgermeister of Ostend), the temporary accommodation at the fish market and the efforts of Mr Prior to feed the refugees when they arrived. If you have information to add to this story please forward to the Clerk or Secretary of the Town Council or to Dr Christophe Declercq
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Cofeb Aberdaugleddau gan Ffoaduriaid Belgaidd 


Cofeb arwyddocaol yn diolch pobl Dinbych y Pysgod am eu croeso, gan ffoaduriaid o Wlad Belg. Mae yma hanesion i’w dadorchuddio gan gynnwys hanes y croeso a roddwyd ar ran y dref gan y Maer, William Causey Whittow, y llety dros dro yn y farchnad bysgod ac ymdrechion Mr Prior i fwydo’r ffoaduriaid wedi iddynt gyrraedd. Os gwyddoch am fwy o wybodaeth am yr ardal cysyllter â chlerc neu ysgrifenyddes Cyngor y Dref neu a Dr Christophe Declercq:

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