Day 1 – Work experience with the WCIA

Today was a fantastic start to my week’s work experience at the Welsh Centre for International Affairs. After experiencing a tour through the impressive Temple of Peace and Health and an informative induction process, I began my work.

I started with learning about the charity, their work, and the other organisations they’re involved with. I found it interesting to learn about what they had done to promote global issues to all members of the Welsh public through events such as Model United Nations, a lecture on the situation in Syria and having Desmond Tutu to visit! I understood further the goals of the WCIA and how the charity is structured. I believe that their goal of getting the Welsh public involved in and knowledgeable of global issues is really important.

I was able to understand further the roles of CEWC, the UNA, the international development hub and the organisations based in the ‘international wing,’ such as ‘Size of Wales’ and ‘African Mother’s Foundation’ to name a few. I found their work really interesting too and enjoyed exploring their websites and talking to their staff about the work they carry out. Despite a few of the members being away, I got to know everyone working here immediately, and they all seem very helpful!

I then had a go at promoting a few issues myself. Having time to explore the internet, I was able to interact with the social media side of the organisation and come up with 10 posts to be put up on Facebook and Twitter to promote important issues in a simple and accessible way. This helped me to further understand the issues for myself as well. Looking at a range of different topics from Iraq to Fair Trade to Malala Yousafzai, I have been able to widen my knowledge (and hopefully the knowledge of others) on a huge variety of issues.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week immensely!

by Alicia Cooke