Write for Us

The WCIA exists to enable the people of Wales to understand and act on global issues. WCIA Voices seeks to enact this vision by providing the opportunity for students and academics to submit articles on international issues.

If you would like to blog for us, have written an article or have an idea for one, make sure you follow the guidelines provided below and send us your piece. For inspiration, go to the WCIA and UNA websites, read previous articles or ask us for a topic to get you going. Although 500-1000 words would be optimal, there’s no specific word count.

Submission Guidelines

  • Academic referencing should be throughout (except for websites, which can be hyperlinked)
  • Word count should be between 500-1000, although this isn’t set in stone.
  • You should focus on topics relating to international affairs.
  • End your article with a personal biography and credentials (we may ask for a photo if you become a regular contributor).

All submissions will be read and a decision will be made whether or not to publish the article within one week.

If you’re as passionate about the work of the UN as we are, we’d love to hear from you!