Meet the Voices

WCIA Voices is dedicated to the causes and campaigns of UNA Wales and posts articles on a regular basis. Below are brief insights into the lives of our bloggers. Click the images to read their work. If you would like to write for us, either get in touch or having read and followed the guidelines, send us your work.

Dan James Jones

10306368564_7da34c872a_hDan has just finished his postgraduate in International Relations at Cardiff University and is the new Administrator of WCIA Voices. Whilst volunteering at the WCIA, he’s applying for the next step in his academic career. Dan’s research interests are mainly Christian fundamentalism and LGBT rights in an international context. He enjoys running, cycling and the occasional bout of Roller Derby (although he’s yet to complete minimum skills).

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Emily Bedson

10306368564_7da34c872a_hEmily is interested in International Law,with a special interest in children being used as combatants during times of conflict and human trafficking. Emily is hoping to work with an international non-governmental organisation to promote and aid the progression of human rights around the world.

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Thomas Edwards

Thomas EdwardsThomas is a third year undergraduate student studying International Development with Human Geography at the University of Chester. He is interested in all things development, but with a particular focus on women’s rights and gender equality. Thomas has worked in Kenya with a small organisation looking at sustainable and community based development. After he graduates, he hopes to go on and work within the development sector.

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Bex Dunn

Bex DunnBex graduated from Cardiff University in July 2013 with a BSc Econ in Modern History and Politics and is now enrolled on an MSc Econ International Relations. She has been the UNA Wales campaigns intern since April 2013 and has loved every second of it. Bex hopes her internship, as well as her degree will help in her pursuit of a career in international development and human rights. As President of Cardiff University Rotaract she manages to work on her passion for helping people within the local community as well as within the international community by raising funds for projects abroad and raising awareness for issues such as HIV/AIDS and encouraging people to discuss global problems.

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Dan Browne

dan browneDan has recently finished studying my undergraduate degree in Politics & Modern History at Cardiff University. He hopes to embark on a career in International Development, and will be applying to study a Masters degree in the subject from September 2014. Until then Dan plans on gaining work experience at different organizations and is about to start a Communications internship at Temwa, a charity in Bristol that works to fight poverty in northern Malawi. He has a particular interest in African affairs and his blogs focus on different African political, developmental and human rights issues.

Elizabeth Cartwright

Liz cartwrightElizabeth is currently studying for a BSc Econ in International Politics and the Third World at Aberystwyth University. Her academic interests include social movements, theories of global justice, and nuclear disarmament. Outside of academia, Elizabeth enjoys running, music, and travel. You can follow her on Facebook or email her at

Fadhili Maghiya

photoFadhili Maghiya is a member of the Tanzanian Diaspora in the UK. He is currently working for the Sub Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) in Cardiff, Wales. Following an MA in Human Rights and a BA in Social Sciences, he interned for a number of development organisations locally and internationally. This included working as a legal intern for the United Nation International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (UNICTR), the Royal African Society and Film Africa 2012. He is passionate about African Diaspora issues, international development and global political affairs.

Jamie-Lee Cole

jamie-lee coleJamie-Lee is a final year student of Modern History and Politics at Cardiff University. She regularly writes about a range of issues in her personal blog from feminism to social norms, UNA Voices has inspired international influence to her writing. Jamie-Lee is also a founding member of Cardiff University Rotaract since 2012; who assist in projects in the local area. She hopes to pursue this kind of humanitarian activism in the future. “A regular student from South Wales” she has a keen interest in music, writing and a belief in the power of people to strengthen and empower others.

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Jordan Ingram

JordanIngramJordan has recently graduated from his Master’s in International Relations and is looking for work within the international sphere, ideally with one of the international institutions or as part of an international voluntary work programme. He is very keen on languages and speaks Polish, whilst also working on French and Spanish in his spare time. It is his long term ambition to be a translator with the United Nations or European Union. Outside of work-related things he enjoys cycling, swimming and generally travelling the world!

Carys Morgan

Carys MorganCarys is 17 years old and currently in sixth form. She is studying French, Economics, Geography and Religious Studies. Carys did work experience with the WCIA and decided to start blogging after writing some blogs for her work experience and enjoying it. She hopes to go onto university and study Geography and after that she would like to work for a charitable organisation.

Rohit Roy

picRohit Roy writes on international environmental issues for UNA Voices. He is currently pursuing a PhD in World Trade and Environment Law at Cardiff University. His research focuses on legal instruments raising environmental standards in world trade. Rohit also writes the environmental column for Kindle Magazine India – ‘Keep of the Grass’ discussing environmental problems in India and as well as having his own blog on world trade issues called ‘On Crowded Streets’.

Mohanvir Singh Saran

mohanvir picMohanvir is a recent graduate from Cardiff University in Politics & Modern History. His areas of interest are in global politics and affairs, history, development and human rights. Mohanvir’s future ambition is to work for the United Nations or a similar global organization. He feels it is important for our generation to engage with national and international affairs. An increased sense of responsibility towards and engagement in world issues would result in a more effective international community. Mohanvir truly feel organisations such as UNA Wales work hard towards this ideal.

Michael Stagg

Michael StaggMichael is a Politics and History student studying at Cardiff University in my final year. As a mature student, his love of both subjects is long held but only recently acted upon. Michael has a deep interest in human rights and equality, environmentalism and sustainable development. His focus here will be to look at how the international community is and has responded to these challenges in all parts of the world.

Maitreya Thakur

maitreya thakurMaitreya is a third year student of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, Wales. Having been born in India, he moved to the UK at the age of 12 in 2005. Maitreya has enjoyed writing since he was a child and strongly believes in the use of simple language to inform, influence and persuade people. His other interests include chess, cricket and photography. You can contact me through Facebook or my email at